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2 Each, 1 Per Vehicle.

Supreme Chassis Manufactured by Mevotech

Rubber or Thermoplastic material; No Squeak; Restores vehicle handling; Improves body roll


Bushing #1 I.D.1.188
Bushing #1 O.D.1.723
Bushing #1 Length1.701
Bushing #2 I.D.-
Bushing #2 O.D.-
Bushing #2 Length-
Bushing #3 I.D.-
Bushing #3 O.D.-
Bushing #3 Length-
Sway Bar Dia. (in)1.180
Hardware IncludedNo
Package Contents2 Bushings


2005BuickAllureFRONT TO FRAME
2006BuickAllureFRONT TO FRAME
2007BuickAllureFRONT TO FRAME
2008BuickAllureFRONT TO FRAME
2009BuickAllureFRONT TO FRAME
1997BuickCenturyFRONT TO FRAME
1998BuickCenturyFRONT TO FRAME
1999BuickCenturyFRONT TO FRAME
2000BuickCenturyFRONT TO FRAME
2001BuickCenturyFRONT TO FRAME
2002BuickCenturyFRONT TO FRAME
2003BuickCenturyFRONT TO FRAME
2004BuickCenturyFRONT TO FRAME
2005BuickCenturyFRONT TO FRAME
2005BuickLaCrosseFRONT TO FRAME
2006BuickLaCrosseFRONT TO FRAME
2007BuickLaCrosseFRONT TO FRAME
2008BuickLaCrosseFRONT TO FRAME
2009BuickLaCrosseFRONT TO FRAME
1997BuickRegalFRONT TO FRAME
1998BuickRegalFRONT TO FRAME
1999BuickRegalFRONT TO FRAME
2000BuickRegalFRONT TO FRAME
2001BuickRegalFRONT TO FRAME
2002BuickRegalFRONT TO FRAME
2003BuickRegalFRONT TO FRAME
2004BuickRegalFRONT TO FRAME
2002BuickRendezvousFRONT TO FRAME
2003BuickRendezvousFRONT TO FRAME
2004BuickRendezvousFRONT TO FRAME
2005BuickRendezvousFRONT TO FRAME
2006BuickRendezvousFRONT TO FRAME
2007BuickRendezvousFRONT TO FRAME
2005BuickTerrazaFRONT TO FRAME
2006BuickTerrazaFRONT TO FRAME
2007BuickTerrazaFRONT TO FRAME
2000ChevroletImpalaFRONT TO FRAME
2001ChevroletImpalaFRONT TO FRAME
2002ChevroletImpalaFRONT TO FRAME
2003ChevroletImpalaFRONT TO FRAME
2004ChevroletImpalaFRONT TO FRAME
2005ChevroletImpalaFRONT TO FRAME
2006ChevroletImpalaFRONT TO FRAME
2007ChevroletImpalaFRONT TO FRAME
2008ChevroletImpalaFRONT TO FRAME
2009ChevroletImpalaFRONT TO FRAME
2010ChevroletImpalaFRONT TO FRAME
2011ChevroletImpalaFRONT TO FRAME
2012ChevroletImpalaFRONT TO FRAME
2013ChevroletImpalaFRONT TO FRAME
2014ChevroletImpala LimitedFRONT TO FRAME
2015ChevroletImpala LimitedFRONT TO FRAME
2000ChevroletMonte CarloFRONT TO FRAME
2001ChevroletMonte CarloFRONT TO FRAME
2002ChevroletMonte CarloFRONT TO FRAME
2003ChevroletMonte CarloFRONT TO FRAME
2004ChevroletMonte CarloFRONT TO FRAME
2005ChevroletMonte CarloFRONT TO FRAME
2006ChevroletMonte CarloFRONT TO FRAME
2007ChevroletMonte CarloFRONT TO FRAME
2005ChevroletUplanderFRONT TO FRAME
2006ChevroletUplanderFRONT TO FRAME
2007ChevroletUplanderFRONT TO FRAME
1997ChevroletVentureFRONT TO FRAME
1998ChevroletVentureFRONT TO FRAME
1999ChevroletVentureFRONT TO FRAME
2000ChevroletVentureFRONT TO FRAME
2001ChevroletVentureFRONT TO FRAME
2002ChevroletVentureFRONT TO FRAME
2003ChevroletVentureFRONT TO FRAME
2004ChevroletVentureFRONT TO FRAME
2005ChevroletVentureFRONT TO FRAME
1998OldsmobileIntrigueFRONT TO FRAME
1999OldsmobileIntrigueFRONT TO FRAME
2000OldsmobileIntrigueFRONT TO FRAME
2001OldsmobileIntrigueFRONT TO FRAME
2002OldsmobileIntrigueFRONT TO FRAME
1997OldsmobileSilhouetteFRONT TO FRAME
1998OldsmobileSilhouetteFRONT TO FRAME
1999OldsmobileSilhouetteFRONT TO FRAME
2000OldsmobileSilhouetteFRONT TO FRAME
2001OldsmobileSilhouetteFRONT TO FRAME
2002OldsmobileSilhouetteFRONT TO FRAME
2003OldsmobileSilhouetteFRONT TO FRAME
2004OldsmobileSilhouetteFRONT TO FRAME
2001PontiacAztekFRONT TO FRAME
2002PontiacAztekFRONT TO FRAME
2003PontiacAztekFRONT TO FRAME
2004PontiacAztekFRONT TO FRAME
2005PontiacAztekFRONT TO FRAME
1997PontiacGrand PrixFRONT TO FRAME
1998PontiacGrand PrixFRONT TO FRAME
1999PontiacGrand PrixFRONT TO FRAME
2000PontiacGrand PrixFRONT TO FRAME
2001PontiacGrand PrixFRONT TO FRAME
2002PontiacGrand PrixFRONT TO FRAME
2003PontiacGrand PrixFRONT TO FRAME
2004PontiacGrand PrixFRONT TO FRAME
2005PontiacGrand PrixFRONT TO FRAME
2006PontiacGrand PrixFRONT TO FRAME
2007PontiacGrand Prix
2008PontiacGrand Prix
1997PontiacTrans Sport
1998PontiacTrans Sport
1999PontiacTrans Sport

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