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Bushing #1 I.D.0.561
Bushing #1 O.D.1.395
Bushing #1 Length1.591
Bushing #1 Shell Length1.044
Bushing #2 I.D.-
Bushing #2 O.D.-
Bushing #2 Length-
Bushing #2 Shell Length-
Package Content1 Bushings


1988BuickRegalREAR LOWER
1989BuickRegalREAR LOWER
1990BuickRegalREAR LOWER
1991BuickRegalREAR LOWER
1992BuickRegalREAR LOWER
1993BuickRegalREAR LOWER
1994BuickRegalREAR LOWER
1995BuickRegalREAR LOWER
1996BuickRegalREAR LOWER
1997BuickRegalREAR LOWER
1998BuickRegalREAR LOWER
1999BuickRegalREAR LOWER
2000BuickRegalREAR LOWER
2001BuickRegalREAR LOWER
2002BuickRegalREAR LOWER
1990ChevroletLuminaREAR LOWER
1991ChevroletLuminaREAR LOWER
1992ChevroletLuminaREAR LOWER
1993ChevroletLuminaREAR LOWER
1994ChevroletLuminaREAR LOWER
1995ChevroletLuminaREAR LOWER
1996ChevroletLuminaREAR LOWER
1997ChevroletLuminaREAR LOWER
1998ChevroletLuminaREAR LOWER
1999ChevroletLuminaREAR LOWER
2000ChevroletLuminaREAR LOWER
2001ChevroletLuminaREAR LOWER
1995ChevroletMonte CarloREAR LOWER
1996ChevroletMonte CarloREAR LOWER
1997ChevroletMonte CarloREAR LOWER
1998ChevroletMonte CarloREAR LOWER
1999ChevroletMonte CarloREAR LOWER
1997OldsmobileCutlassREAR LOWER
1988OldsmobileCutlass SupremeREAR LOWER
1989OldsmobileCutlass SupremeREAR LOWER
1990OldsmobileCutlass SupremeREAR LOWER
1991OldsmobileCutlass SupremeREAR LOWER
1992OldsmobileCutlass SupremeREAR LOWER
1993OldsmobileCutlass SupremeREAR LOWER
1994OldsmobileCutlass SupremeREAR LOWER
1995OldsmobileCutlass SupremeREAR LOWER
1996OldsmobileCutlass SupremeREAR LOWER
1997OldsmobileCutlass SupremeREAR LOWER
1988PontiacGrand PrixREAR LOWER
1989PontiacGrand PrixREAR LOWER
1990PontiacGrand PrixREAR LOWER
1991PontiacGrand PrixREAR LOWER
1992PontiacGrand PrixREAR LOWER
1993PontiacGrand PrixREAR LOWER
1994PontiacGrand PrixREAR LOWER
1995PontiacGrand PrixREAR LOWER
1996PontiacGrand PrixREAR LOWER
1997PontiacGrand PrixREAR LOWER
1998PontiacGrand PrixREAR LOWER
1999PontiacGrand PrixREAR LOWER
2000PontiacGrand PrixREAR LOWER
2001PontiacGrand PrixREAR LOWER
2002PontiacGrand PrixREAR LOWER

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